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Career Opportunities

Working at Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority

Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority is a Quasi-governmental agency that gives back to Colorado residents by providing safe drinking water and clean water in the form of below market interest rate loans and grants.

Current Career Opportunities

Financial Analyst I Click Here

A position with a political subdivision of the State of Colorado that provides loans to finance drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and small hydroelectric infrastructure projects. The position assists in reviewing and processing project requisitions, loan applications, gathering/summarizing financial information, and compliance monitoring. It requires knowledge of the principles and practices in finance, accounting, and business administration, the ability to organize and perform complex financial assignments, and clearly and concisely express ideas and opinions in oral and written formats. Strong attention to detail is critical. Seeking a detail-oriented individual who is able to multi-task and willing to take on additional responsibility as necessary. Experience working with: cities, towns, and districts, experience reviewing complex legal documents, and experience with credit analysis and financial statements is desirable but not mandatory. Other requirements include: American citizenship; familiarity with Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel programs; and a B.S. or B.A. in finance, accounting, or business administration. Prefer a recent or soon-to-be graduate with internship experience in a Business-related field, or 1-2 years of employment in a finance/accounting related position. Email resumes to


Provide financing for access to safe drinking and clean wastewater to all Colorado communities through below-market-rate loans and grants. 


Customer Focused, Attention to Detail, Team Oriented, Flexibility, Excellence


Ensure the safety and longevity of Colorado residents by providing the most affordable and beneficial funding package to our borrowers. 

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