2020 Interest Rates

Interest rates for direct loans from the Drinking Water Revolving Fund and the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund have been established for 2020 by the Board of Directors as follows:


2.5% - Direct loans ($3,000,000 or less)

1.5% - Disadvantaged Communities* and Green Project Loans**
0.5% - Disadvantaged Communities* and Green Project Loans**

 For 2020, Leveraged Loan interest rates ($3,000,000 or more) are 70% of the rates obtained on the Authority's bonds.



For 2020, Small Hydropower Loans have also been increased by 0.50% to 2.50%.***


*To find more information on the Disadvantaged Communities Programs, please click here.

**To find more information on the Green Project Reserve loans, please click here.

*** To find more information on the Small Hydropower loans, please click here.

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