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Funding Process

Looking for financing for your water or wastewater infrastructure development?  You have come to the right place.  Here’s what you need to know to receive a loan:


Step 1:  Is your organization a Colorado “Governmental Agency”? 

If yes, then you are eligible to receive an Authority loan.  Move on to Step 2!   

If not, unfortunately we can’t fund your project. 


Step 2:  Is your project for water or wastewater infrastructure development?  Does your project address protection of public health, water quality, or compliance with Colorado regulations?  If the answer to these questions is yes, you may be able to receive State Revolving Fund (“SRF”) funding.  Our two SRFs are the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (“WPCRF”) and the Drinking Water Revolving Fund (“DWRF”).  Click here to see if your project is eligible to apply for a SRF loan.  If eligible, move to Step 3!

If your project doesn’t qualify for a State Revolving Fund loan, don’t worry, we can still help you fund your project!  To find out more, go to the Water Revenue Bonds Program and Small Hydropower Program.


Step 3:  Is your project on the DWRF or WPCRF Eligibility List?  If you are considering a wastewater project, check the current eligibility list to see if the project is on the WPCRF Eligibility list.  If you are considering a drinking water project, check the current eligibility list to see if the project is on the DWRF Eligibility list.  If the answer is yes, move to Step 4!

If your project is not on the Eligibility List, you need to fill out a Survey to get on next year’s list before your community can receive SRF funding.  Click here to get started for the WPCRF or here for the DWRF.


Step 4:  How do I submit an application and what are the deadlines?

  1. If owner meets criteria, SRF agencies make grant assistance recommendation.

  2. Owner must submit Project Needs Assessment (PNA)  to division for technical review. 

  3. Design documents must be submitted to the division for technical review.

  4. All technical and environmental issues must be resolved before loan application is accepted.

You may be able to receive Planning and Design and Engineering Grants from the Authority to assist in the expenses associated with the above listed forms.

Applications for grants and loans will be accepted on the following schedule:

  • January 15 Direct Loans and Leveraged loans

  • February 15

  • April 15

  • June 15 Direct Loans and Leveraged loans

  • August 15

  • October 15

  • November 15

​If your governmental agency uses more than 2,000 acre feet of water per year, it must have an approved water conservation plan on file with the Colorado Water Conservation Board prior to submitting an application.  All SRF applications must be approved at one of the board meetings throughout the year.

Step 5:  Does the Authority Project Finance Committee and Board of Directors (“Board”) support this loan?  Applications are screened by the Project Finance Committee and then forwarded to the Authority Board.  Your application will be presented to the Authority Board in a credit report by Authority Staff, and the Board will take action on whether or not to award funding for your project.


Step 6:  Were you approved?  If yes, then the Authority staff will contact you to execute a loan with your governmental agency.  Board approvals are valid for 18 months, and once a loan agreement is executed within that time, funds are available immediately for disbursement to your community.


That’s it!  Contact us if you have more questions about the process.  Want to learn more about what happens during the the loan execution process and what's in the loan agreements for the Authority?  Go to After Loan Approval to find out the details.

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