SRF 2021 Refunding Bond Results

Wesley Williams

The SRF 2021 Series A refunding bonds were sold in June 2021. The refunding saved 11 leveraged loan borrowers an estimated $7,700,000. Congratulations to our borrowers on the savings.

The Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority refunded 5 bond issues that included 11 leveraged loan borrowers in association with the State Revolving Fund 2021 Series A Bond issue.

The 2021 Series A Bond sale occurred in June 2021 and was approximately $34 million par amount of refunding bonds issued and approximately $44 million of reserves liquidated to refund and pay off $78 million in bonds.

In association with the Bond sale the 11 borrowers included saved an estimated $7,700,000.

We would like to thank the staff members who worked on the bond sale and also congratulate the borrowers on the savings.

For any additional information or questions please contact Jim Griffiths Finance Director @ 303-830-1550 ext. 1024.