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All application deadlines are firm due to the review period required prior to presentation to the Authority Board for loan approval. Applicants should coordinate with their Project Manager from the WQCD to determine the appropriate application submittal schedule to ensure Board action in a timely manner. Incomplete applications may delay Board consideration.

To be considered for funding in the spring bond issue, all complete leveraged loan applications (over $3.0 million) must be submitted by January 15th. If there is sufficient demand and loan capacity, a second bond issue may take place in the fall. The application deadline date for any fall bond issue is June 15th.


Is your project above or

below $3 million?

If your project is above $3 million there are only two current Loan Applications January 15th and June 15th.

Loan Application Deadlines

Estimated Financing Schedule

January 15th Loan Application

March Authority Board Meeting 

May - July
Loan closing*

If approved. 2-4 months closing

*These are estimated closing dates for planning purposes only. Loans closing dates may be shorter or longer dependent on the communities time frame and negotiation of the loan.

Loan Applications

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