Michael Brod
Executive Director
Extension 1015
Sabrina Speed
Office Manager
Extension 1010
Cheryl Gantner
Records System Clerk
Extension 1016

Finance Department

Keith McLaughlin
Finance Director and Assistant Secretary to the Board
Extension 1022
Jim Griffiths
Assistant Finance Director
Extension 1024
Beth Williams
Financial Analyst
Extension 1023
Wesley Williams
Sr. Financial Analyst
Extension 1012
Ian Loffert
Financial Analyst
Extension 1014
Austin Reichel
Financial Analyst
Extension 1011

Accounting Department

Justin Noll
Controller and Assistant Secretary to the Board
Extension 1019
Claudia Walters
Assistant Controller
Extension 1020
Valerie Lovato
Senior Accountant
Extension 1021
Jennifer Flores
Accounting Technician
Extension 1018
Rachel Renteria
Senior Accountant
Extension 1017

Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority

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