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1. Fill out the CDPHE Eligibility Survey

  • An entity must be on the current eligibility list to be eligible for funding from the CWRPDA.

  • The survey is released annually on or around June 1st each year. To be put on the distribution list, please reach out to Erick Worker

How to Get Started

2. Fill out Pre-Qualification From

  • After being on the Eligibility list, we ask that the entity fill out a Pre-Qualification Form. This form is found on CEOS ("Colorado Environmental Online System") and is for background on the entity's upcoming project

  • It should be pretty straightforward to fill out and submit through CEOS.

3. Pre-Qualification Meeting

  • After submitting the Pre-Qualification form, a project manager from Water Quality will reach out to you to schedule a Pre Application meeting.

  • The Pre Application meeting will be a meeting with Water Quality, DOLA, and an Analyst from CWRPDA. 

  • During the meeting, the group will discuss the entity's project and any grants or loan programs that will be a good fit for the project and answer any questions the entity may have. 

Link to Colorado Department of Public Health and Enviroment Website
Link to Department of Local Affairs Website
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