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How to Get Started

1. Fill out the CDPHE Eligibility Survey

  • An entity must be on the current eligibility list to be eligible for funding from the CWRPDA.


  • The survey is released annually on or around June 1st each year. To be put on the distribution list, please reach out to Erick Worker


2. Fill out Pre-Qualification From

  • After being on the Eligibility list, we ask that the entity fill out a 

Pre-Qualification Form. This form is for background on what the entity's upcoming project is. 

  • It should be pretty straightforward to fill out and submit through CEOS.

3. Pre-Qualification Meeting

  • After submitting the Pre-Qualification form, a project manager from Water Quality will reach out to you to schedule a Pre Application meeting.

  • The Pre Application meeting will be a meeting with Water Quality, DOLA, and an Analyst from CWRPDA. 

  • During the meeting, the group will discuss the entity's project and any grants or loan programs that will be a good fit for the project and answer any questions the entity may have. 

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