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Small Hydropower Loan Program

Maximum Loan Amount: $5,000,000

Interest Rate:  2.00% (20 yrs) & 2.25% (30 yrs)

Maximum Term:  Up to 30 years

Borrower Eligibility: Colorado cities, towns, counties, water districts, water and sanitation districts, metropolitan districts, water conservancy districts, water conservation districts, irrigation districts and any  enterprise created by the foregoing are eligible to receive a Small Hydropower Loan.

Eligible Projects: (10 megawatts or less) Eligible projects consist of   new hydropower facilities (turbines, mechanical and electrical),  pipelines, necessary remodel/reconfiguration of the building housing the facilities and transmission lines.

Matching Grants: Applications for matching grants for feasibility studies, permitting activities or final design on a potential hydropower project will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Matching grants of up to $15,000 will be available for each governmental agency. At this time, a governmental agency will be limited to one such matching grant. The governmental agency’s matching funds may consist of funds expended on a matching basis with the

grant for studies, permitting, final design and other costs associated with the FERC or Bureau of Reclamation permitting or exemption process. Funding for matching grants will be reviewed annually during the budgeting process by the Authority’s Board of Directors. 

NOTE: The Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority Board of Directors added a condition to the SHLP Matching Grants on March 1, 2014. All grants going forward should note that if the Contractor is not borrowing funds from the Small Hydropower Loan program, the grant will be denied or a waiver from reimbursing the Authority the amount of the grant must be requested from the Authority.

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